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Catch-22 manages transformational projects and takes strategy to execution..

Catch-22 is a team of business executives who have been involved in implementing stretched projects, redesign legacy business processes by digitalization and overcoming lack of execution or transformation through an agile, digital and execution oriented approach.

Catch-22 has a different approach to scale independent of limited critical skills, not been locked into the shortfalls of traditional waterfall methods and transfer knowledge to customer teams by using latest cloud technology.

Catch-22 is using the Agile Project Management Approach and SCRUM to deploy transformational business projects.

Catch-22 projects start with the Executive Sponsor alignment and the Base Camp workshop for grooming.


Our approach is based on an agile project management with real time decision making. We empower customer teams to execute along with the overall strategy and goals by using latest agile cloud platforms. The approach through agile project management, data driven decision making and digital business processes transformation leads to rapid and measureable execution results. The enablement across all customer teams is based on swarm organizational techniques.

Information is available in real time to all project teams across the globe and information handover losses are eliminated. Working in agile mode shortens time to market, increases collaboration and succeeds to transformation. Leverage the collective power of customer and partner organizations make swarm organizations happen.

We measure ourselves by taking strategy to execution.


Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity change Project Execution and Organization

In a VUCA world the classic approach with waterfall project methods are not fitting for purpose any longer. Your project goals can hardly be determined perfectly before project start. The Agile Approach – well known from software projects – is working fine in business projects. It saves time to market but requires a different approach …

About Agile – Digital – Execution

Agile:  Catch-22 comes with a Cloud Based Agile Project Management and Collaboration Platform. The predesigned project templates enable an immediate project start and management from the Base Camp workshop. Digital:  Catch-22 Cloud platform is based on newest agile cloud technology with Catch-22 predefined templates to jump start and collaborate in real time across the globe on …


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