Agile Approach in Action

Catch-22 has a different Approach:

Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity change Project Execution and Organization

In a VUCA world the classic approach with waterfall project methods are not fitting for purpose any longer. Your project goals can hardly be determined perfectly before project start. The Agile Approach – well known from software projects – is working fine in business projects and makes the difference. It saves time to market but requires a different approach to manage and steer projects. Many (SCRUM) teams with all required skillsets will be empowered to act and decide on their own by sharing a joined vision.

Sharing information, the status of project tasks and collaborate in real time requires a platform to enable the (project) organization. The ultimate consequence of applying this approach is leading towards swarm organizational techniques. An organization that collaborates, shares vision and executes locally based on real time information sharing and communication is becoming a swarm organization.

Catch-22 is defining such a platform as the swarmOS (c).


The key success factor is a scalable agile cloud platform to manage large engagements and transfer this approach into our customers project teams and organizations. Agile Project Management Approach will become part of our customers company culture.

A Base Camp workshop will allow a jump start into the project and deliver results in two week sprints. Based on preconfigured templates your work streams will be setup in days. Real time issue management and reporting catch-22 tracks progress across the project from a jointly staffed project management office. Information is always available to the entire global team and handover information losses are eliminated.

Experienced Business Executives and Scrum Masters will lead the project execution and work with customer workstream leaders to jointly address the key deliverables, milestones and stories. The catch-22 cloud platform is based on latest and leading agile software.


Dashboards will provide real time visibility across all stakeholders.

Setting up a complex project and aligning project workstreams will be done in days and takes strategy to execution.

Key Benefits:

Different Approach

Catch-22 manage projects with agile project management and swarm techniques to be more flexible in changing environments and deploy faster.

Real Time Decision

Catch-22 uses newest swarmOS © to share information at any time to a global team and foster real time decision making.

Base Camp Templates

Catch-22 comes with templates to jump start the project from the Base Camp workshop and  start executing immediately.

Business Impact

Catch-22 Base Camp Workshops and Executive touchpoints create better alignment between Businesses and IT.

Time to Market

Using Catch-22 Agile Project Management instead of waterfall principles accelerates time to market.


Catch-22 enables customer teams to work differently. They will be empowered, enabled and connected at any time anywhere on the globe – the swarm becomes reality.

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